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Dura Flow U-PVC PIPES & Fitting

Dura Water Tanks has created ripples in the field of plastic products since 1992. The company has revolutionised the plastic industry by providing innovative products with highest quality standards followed by excellent after sale services. Subsequently, the brand has become consumers favourite choice and is widely accepted as a leading brand nationwide in water storage tanks, PPR pipe and fittings, garden hose pipe, road safety products and textile sliver cans.

With the same dedication and commitment, DuraFlow Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. proudly launches “DuraFlow” U-PVC (Un-Plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipe and fittings; a complete solution for pressure and non-pressure pipes for sewerage, electrical conduits and other water supply applications. Dura has always set standards in every field of its entrance; and expansion in realms of PVC would further add to its brand equity.

Why Dura U-PVC Pipes & Fittings

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