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Dura Max

Established in 1990, Dura Water Tanks are the market-leading brand for the last 25 years. Dura has won nationwide recognition and reputation as the leading water tanks manufacturer across Pakistan. With multiple certifications including ISO 9001 and PCSIR compliant, Dura Water Tanks is the largest manufacturer of water tanks with multiple manufacturing plants nationwide.

Dura Water Tanks is the first to bring 3-layers manufacturing technology to Pakistan and now proudly introduces its exclusive range of tanks under the brand name “Dura Max”. Being a market leader, Dura Water Tanks are known for their durability, longevity, purity and strength. Dura Max high quality range of water storage tanks brings together an array of unique and distinctive features and advantages for its valuable customers. With its commitment to superior quality as well as the excellent performance of its products in every industry it serves, Dura Waters Tanks always looks forward to scale new heights.

3 Layered Protection

Its 3-Layered protection ensures Dura max is less prone to temperature disturbances. The content stays cool in summers and warm in winters.

Trendy Design

A unique and contemporary design feature allows Dura Max to add to the aesthetic appeal of your building.

Hi-Density Polyetylene

Dura Max is manufactured from HDPE for extra strength and resistance from damage.

Accurate Sizes

Dura Max Tanks are accurate to 0.1 liters of the claimed capacity.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Dura Max Tanks are rust-proof, leak-proof and joint-free, radically increasing product life.

Anti-Bacterial & Hygienic

Produced from 100% imported food-grade material, Dura Max is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth, ensuring your safety and health.

Wide Range

Dura Max comes in both horizontal and vertical tanks of various different capacities.

UV Stabilized material

Dura Max is UV stabilized for protection against contamination and harmful solar radiation.

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