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Established since 1998, having its headquarters in Lahore, “Dura Water Tanks” is a well reputed manufacturing concern with its flagship brand “DURA”. With multiple manufacturing units across country, we proudly claim to be the largest producer/supplier of plastic water storage tanks, and enjoys huge distribution network nationwide. With changing technology and customer preferences, the company is not only limited to water tank industry but has successfully diversified its product range into textile sliver cans, poly-lights, road safety products, garbage containers and now advancing to PPRC pipe and fittings.

Poly Propylene Random Co-Polymer (PPRC)

With over 25 years of experience in plastic industry, Dura Water Tanks proudly introduces “DuraFlow” as a complete solution of Poly Propylene Random Co-polymer (PPRC) pipe and fittings system for hot and cold water applications. A maintenance free piping system will not only bring value to your building, but also ensure comfort and complete peace of mind!

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