orologi replica Why Choose Us - Dura Flow
Completely Hygienic

The pipes are produced from 100% imported, FDA approved, food grade material.

Trendy Design

A unique and contemporary design feature allows DuraFlow to add to the aesthetic appeal of your building.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Since polypropylene is non-corrosive material, deposits, rust, and corrosion do not build up on the surface.

Quality Control

Each pipe is inspected online and then tested in-house through calibrated laboratory by trained QC engineers.


DuraFlow pipes are successfully approved & certified from various depts, including NGOs and other important government institutions.

Easy To Install

The pipes are relatively light weight and quick/easy to install, therefore handling charges are reduced. PPRC pipes and fittings installation requires minimal time and effort.

Long Life

The product has a minimum lifespan of 50 years due to high impact resistance and leak proof joints achieved through good welding properties.

All-Weather Functionality

Due to elasticity of the material, Polypropylene pipeline water supply system can withstand a certain amount of freezing / thawing (from -20°c up to 95°C).

Wide Range

DuraFlow offers a complete and comprehensive range of PPRC pipe and fittings from 25MM to 110MM.

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